The Beauty of Discovery

Music is my number one passion. I would love to attempt to explain to you how much, but it is easier just learn gradually, through posts, songs, etc.

I personally don’t chose to listen to the radio for many reasons. Here are the main 3.

1. Overplayed: Most songs that are considered “popular” are overplayed. That is how they get you to love them. If you hear them over and over again, then they get caught in your head. I never listened to the radio, and so I allowed myself to listen at my music at my own lesiure. I don’t want someone to tell me what I need to get obsessed over.

2. No originality. Music stations usually are designed to be categorical. Of course there is nothing wrong with that, but where is the originality? I like variety. If you take a look at my iPod you will see what I mean. You can listen to anything from japanese pop music to Doom Metal from Europe. I don’t like to conform myself to those local pop stations.

3. Discovery

By avoiding radio, you allow yourself to make an effort. You can use your resources, radio being one of them but not THE resource. Many a time I can do a simple search on Google and search for similar artists and check them out. I follow recommendations rather than force. If I don’t like them, I can always keep looking.

Another way to discover is by simply taking a chance. There have also many times where I have waltzed into a local store s and picked up random CD’s that I may or may not have heard of before. I don’t think of it as wasting money, but simply taking a chance. Where is the fun without taking chances? Those leaps of faith have led me to some of my most favorite artists. Come to think of it, discovery is the only way I have found my favorite artist, never from the radio. Never. People are afraid to take a chance, afraid of something new. The main thing is: You Don’t Have to Like It! You didn’t waste money, your supporting the artist. They put so much hard work just as the next person. The difference, they are selling CD’s and living their dream. That is all that matters.

The beauty of discovery is that you learn what music you really like, you discover yourself, and allow yourself to open your mind. You shed your ignorance and allow yourself to be free, and learn to never be afraid.


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