The Upcoming Projects, Updates, and MORE!

Wow! It has been a heck of week! With classes, work, and procrastination, it is quite tiring. But, the good thing is, I have been hard at work on TokyoStateOfMind and have come up with a lot of projects and business plans that are sure to send TSOM to the top. Once I release the first line of t-shirts (Name of the line coming soon), I will begin to tour various conventions when I have free time and start making appearances and live performances. It all is exciting. The Love Is War EP has been pushed back, but we will see a major single release from it next week. At the end of the weekend, a fantastic recording of my current favorite song. Its so beautiful, new, and I am so happy to honour the original version. i am giving this one my all. The emotion fuels through my body, heart, and now through my voice. I am so excited for everyone to hear it. Hopefully by this, i can get more subscribers and more fans to help me live my dream. i am shaking from anticipation. YAY!!!! So, keep following me on Twitter, tumblr, (which a preview clip will be posted exclusively on tumblr) so watch out for updates and tidbits, and GOODIES!. Can’t wait for what is too come. Surely, it will be a great Fall/Winter season! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I truly love you all. Thank you. thank you. thank you.



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