Exciting News!!!

Hello viewers, listeners, and other types of amazing people,

This is (Masa)Hiro checking in again. I would first off like to apologize for all this lateness. It isn’t really like me and I guess i get too excited on somethings. But all is well my friends all is well. Some major new things are happening. Along with an amazing time at my school, TokyoStateOfMind keeps getting more epic and more motivating. I got brand new quality recording software and microphones. The new song will be much more improved from the original recordings (which are now an official “rarities”. for now…haha). Also, I am currently doing a great professional photoshoot and making all exciting goodies. I am also collaborating with a fellow artist on the TokyosStateOfMind T-shirt line that is sure to be quite exciting. I really hope you all keep up, there will be video blogs, reviews (maybe) and other amazing goodies. I am finally going to live my dream, but with your help. Please spread the word. Please follow me on tumblr and Twitter. Join the Facebook fan page. Subscribe to the Youtube account. this is all up to you guys. i am doing this for you. thank you very much. Spread the word and can’t wait to see where everything will head. Perhaps live performances (hint hint…) and Con appearences (extra hinthint). We will see. All in good time people. Thank you soo much!



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