Another Progress Update

Hello all!

First off, i would like to thank all my fans/followers for all the support so early in the life of TokyoStateOfMind, although few, your support means so much to me. I do this for you. Its the least I can do for all your love and faith. I promise there will be gifts for you along the way. I am here to tell the current state of TokyoStateOfMind.

First off, the main project that is being worked on as we speak is coming up with a solid song repertoire. The target number is 10 for now. It seems small but many songs will be added. This is just for now, so when performances start rolling on, those 10 songs are solid enough for performing. Depending on the timing, most likely have of the solid songs will be officially released online, the other 5 being live exclusives until more songs start to pop up (and they will). I will be experimenting with many styles, going back to my metal/rock roots, along with dance songs, and ballads. If you come to my performances, you will experience many styles of music and a very energetic, yet emotional experience. My mind is full of ideas that I can’t wait to put to work. I keep promising exciting things to come and they sure will, in full force.

I am going to make my official “debut” soon and will keep you updated. I might start up a VLOG when things start building up. I am working very hard and can use all the support I can. Please spread the word, check out my little previews, leave feedback, anything you can will be greatly appreciated. On a slightly sad level, the apparel line will be pushed pack until further notice, it WILL happen. It won’t be just merchandise but its own TokyoStateOfMind line. Which is exciting. i am working with some local artists and coming up with some great ideas. I am sure to post previews of the designs as well as more previews of songs!

I am doing some fantastic photoshoots. I put together all the outfits, and each will showcase the different sides of Masahiro Wakahisa. I always wanted to do a photoshoot and now I have the chance. So pumped!

There is a basic breakdown of what is too come. Hope you all are excited as much as me! I can’t wait to meet you all and thank you personally.

Till then,



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